Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Anyone knows that if you want your eyeshadow to last, need a base/primer. I have Urban Decay Primer potion. It comes in this cute genie like bottle. Aesthetically pleasing but not convenient. There are a few blogs/post/youtube video's out there that shows you how to decant you UDPP. I figured since im out of UDPP, i'd cut mine and salvage whatever is left. If you're smart, I recommend just using pliers and pulling the stopper out

If you are feeling ambitious like i was then here is what you need:
*Knife (do not use a razor blade like i did - ended up with cuts)
*An empty container to put your primer in; an old jar or buy an empty one
I grabbed a stila twist up lip gloss pen opened it and cleaned it out

So at the widest part of the bottle, cut into it and this is what you find. I was a shocked to find out that i had all this product & to think i was going to throw it away.

Take your container and fill it. Mines was a bit messy but it worked out. i still had some left over, so i put it into a small lip balm jar to use. The pen holds about 2.4 ml. I'm going to guesstimate and say you have at least 3.5 ml of product left in that bottle.


  1. I do that with my foundations...!

  2. hey girl! wow I did exactly the same thing to my UDPP omg.. you wudnt believe how much there is in there!!!! :p